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Some comments from the lessons as of 12/25/23

– Excellent. I love the clarity and brevity. It can be surprisingly easy to get lost from the basic elements!


– You just helped me understand what storytelling is in the mlst basic and simplest way. I’ve always had a hard trying to understand what storytelling is when it comes to making videos. Thank you very much Brandon


– Wow that’s awesome tip.


– I’ve never thought about a story arc. Thanks for sharing that. That’s why your videos are so engaging!


– Great advice on storytelling! Thank you Brandon.


– Gracias por compartir este resumen. Est√° muy claro y da herramientas bien explicadas


– Thank you for the class!


– This was very insightful. Looking forward to the next lesson. Thanks


– Concise and logical, thanks for sharing. Helps to hear some elements that I already action within my films but have not necessarily been aware of or able to describe. Seeing them drawing out clearly with the arc principal, will help me achieve stronger more engaging stories, hopefully. Great content. Regards


РThank you so much for sharing this!  I enjoy your style of storytelling and I learned a lot.


– Hm, this was better than I expected. Thank you Brandon !


– I get so hung up on not having the complete story in mind. I usually have the overall arc known, but not having everything in between clear in mind keeps me from starting. I appreciate how you highlighted that knowing the arc is the important part to get started


– Great teaching! I appreciate a lot your videos!


– Great learning how we can do storytelling simply


РAwesome,I mostly work ok sports events so this chapter helps me alot 


РWow, thank you!  Enjoyed the points on action and reaction, and the examples shared of structure to a simple story.  Feel like I could watch this multiple times and learn something I missed each time.

Thank you so much. Video is very helpful.


– Beautifully put. Love all the advice. It’s very important to get people’s reactions. This makes the video much more deeper than a bunch of highlight reels.


– Thanks for sharing. I like your film school style


– Wow thank you Lee . I’m speechless…this is new to me. Thank you thank you


– Thank you very much for taking the time to create this kind of lessons. This one is exactly what I was looking for to help me put some order in the creative process. A few hours ago I’ve just reviewed again your “The Passion of Andaluc√≠a” and “Morocco Arise” exactly for this purpose. I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


– That was so beneficial. Thank you so much Li


– This was a nice little peep into something I’m already working on. Sometimes I feel a bit aimless, sometimes I get it just right but atleast now I have a clearer understanding why “it may just feel right” sometimes.


– In ten years of doing self-thought photography, I have learned the most powerful lesson. And that is that the emotion is the key in a good portrait. I can see it same here with the reaction of people to an action. Thanks Brandon!


– It’s a great lesson about story! I’m gonna follow many things. Loved it.


– Very eloquent and thoughtful. Gave me a new perspective. Thank you Brandon.

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